Finding the smartest way for clients to reach your business

Treat your clientele like VIPs
PoinTo makes life easy for arriving clients by smartly guiding them
to your business’ location with optimized transportation and parking solutions

Why PoinT0

  • Customer Experience

    Provide an end-to-end customer experience. Help arriving customers get to your location efficiently, punctually and with a smile. Grant them access to our full range of transportation and parking solutions

  • Increase Revenue

    Stop losing money due to limited location accessibility. Optimize your business’ ability to stay on schedule, empowering your manpower utility, and gain a competitive advantage by implementing the PoinTo platform

  • Understand your Business

    Simplicity is essential. With your daily flow in mind, PoinTo’s quick setup and winning features compliment your business operations, freeing you to focus on your business. We specialize in getting your clients in and on time

How it works

Schedule meeting & Send an invite

Use our web platform or plugins for any scheduled meeting or reservation. Instantly upgrade the accessibility of your business location and let us take care of the rest. Amaze your arriving clients with an experience tailored to their needs.

Make every client feel like a VIP

Clients receive a personalized SMS or Email invitation to our web App. PoinTo calculates end-to-end solutions from the clients’ real-time location to your doorstep. With a few quick clicks, your client can reserve the ideal parking spot or select from our pre-optimized transportation solutions, ensuring punctuality and minimum hassle.

Arrive on time with a smile

PoinTo extends you’re engagement with clients and maximizes their experience, saving precious time and money while increasing your revenue.


  • “PoinTo’s service is user-friendly, simple and easy to use and helps our clients arrive on time. PoinTo helped us reduce the schedule delays and Both Clients & employees responses are great!”

    Liron M.

    Office manager at SBGTY Law Firm

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